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Cabinet NG Raises the Bar for SMB Document Management with Release of CNG-SAFE 6.0

CNG-SAFE 6.0 packs in more leading edge features than other SMB (small and medium sized businesses) document management systems

Huntsville, Alabama, January 8, 2008 – Cabinet NG, the preeminent automated document management and workflow solution for small enterprise businesses, today set a new standard for SMB document management with the latest release of its flagship product, CNG-SAFE 6.0.  Delivered in a single package, CNG-SAFE 6.0 is the first automated document management system to provide all the cutting-edge capabilities SMBs need for successful electronic document management - advanced data protection, state-of-the art user interface and the ability to integrate with most third party applications. 

"With CNG-SAFE 6.0, Cabinet NG takes small enterprise document management into the future by ushering in a new level of document automation and productivity, featuring seamless integration with third party applications for even more streamlined workflows. CNG-SAFE 6.0 delivers this enhanced feature set without disrupting the way we conduct business and the costly hassle of custom IT engineering!,” said Betty Rahe, Director Information Systems - ITeam USA, American Marazzi Tile, Inc.

Key features and benefits of CNG-SAFE 6.0 include:

  • Enhanced security for better data protection and compliance-readiness: Additional access rights levels and expanded granularity in assigning rights enables businesses to fine tune and grant specific user access privileges to cabinets, folders, and documents. User logins are authenticated and granted specific access privileges using secure windows services. Tracking history now offers a Trace function at the folder and individual document levels. Trace information is consolidated into one informational screen to easily view all routing and access history. Document versioning can be enabled at the document, cabinet, or global level to automatically preserve a history of document edits.
  • State-of-the-art user interface:  CNG-SAFE 6.0's user interface provides greater flexibility by allowing individual users to display documents and other system information based on their custom layout. User preferences also allow selecting various items to be displayed or not displayed as desired. Navigation is greatly simplified and accelerated by allowing users to open multiple documents from multiple folders and multiple cabinets simultaneously.
  • Simple integration with major software applications: Cabinet NG’s latest patent pending technology innovation, Retriever™, works with virtually any Windows-based database application, allowing a SMB to integrate nearly any application they use with CNG-SAFE - without the hassle and expense of a customized solution. 

Darin Carlson, Controller, Finance 500, Inc., a registered broker dealer and member FINRA/SIPCs with 80 financial advisors in 15 branch offices across the United States, stated, “We conducted an extensive review of the document management software systems commercially on offer. Through our process it became abundantly clear that no other package besides CNG-SAFE 6.0 comes close to delivering all of the essential, advanced capabilities a firm like ours needs to successfully benefit from electronic document management."

Since its market launch in 1992, CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment) has addressed SMB’s specific needs for automating document filing and retrieval processes, built in document workflow, robust document security, system integration and scalability. As a result, Cabinet NG has now gained widespread recognition as the automated document management platform of choice for the small enterprise.

“CNG-SAFE 6.0 supports our existing business processes and document workflows, and was a breeze to implement. CNG-SAFE 6.0 is protecting our documents – and our customers’ data -- while only allowing individual users with proper authorization to access specific files, folders and cabinets. CNG-SAFE 6.0 delivers all the sophisticated features and functionality a small enterprise needs while also being highly intuitive to use,” said Derek Mitchum of TriHydro Corporation

“CNG-SAFE 6.0 allows SMB users to focus on their business, not technology,” said Andrew Bailey, President of Cabinet NG. “Data protection, user-friendliness and integration innovations such as Retriever™ are all part of CNG-SAFE 6.0 delivering document management that meets the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, IT professionals are satisfied knowing CNG-SAFE 6.0 is designed to capture the open architecture benefits and interoperability of the .NET and SQL Server platforms."

CNG-SAFE 6.0 is priced for small enterprises. A complete system for a two user office starts as low as $2,500 – including remote installation and training to assist firms in getting the system up and running, tech support, maintenance and online training for the first year. CNG-SAFE 6.0 also supports a View Only license that costs $495 per seat. CNG-SAFE 6.0 is available for purchase directly from Cabinet NG or through resellers nationwide.

About Cabinet NG, Inc.
Cabinet NG automates document management for small enterprises. Cabinet NG’s user-friendly document management solutions streamline user tasks, delivering gains in office productivity and bottom-line savings. By creating a secure electronic filing environment, Cabinet NG’s products moves manual paper-based procedures into efficient automated workflow processes. Cabinet NG integrates document management with popular business applications creating a central repository of business information that powers more effective business processes. The company’s integrated document management solution for Intuit’s QuickBooks automates accounting activities by merging document filing and data entry into a single process. Cabinet NG is privately held and headquartered near Huntsville, Alabama. For more information, visit